Most of the members of  our team has been working with extras, models and actors since 1996. We have served over 500 productions during the past one and a half decade. Besides commercials and TV films, most of our activity has consisted of organizing the cast of movies. We are proud to have participated in almost all significant international production that have been shot in Hungary. We are well aware of the difference between the pace and rhythm of service at the quick production of a TV commercial and the months-long assistance required at the making of a movie. It is assured by our experience that we are not solely fit to serve during castings but also during the actual shootings.

An important part of our job is maintaining daily contact with the crew’s artistic departments (makeup, wardrobe, AD’s), the organization of provision, transportation, and in some cases accommodation for the extras, in close cooperation with the production.

Our company is capable of running several films paralell since the system is structured and is built up of departments. Each film has a key-coordinator and a key-crowd marshal who is solely responsible for keeping contact with the client in order to fulfill the needs of the production both in the office and on set. In addition our pool of people is also structured according to the experience of the years past and has database for different categories as actors, children, ethnicities, trained sportextras, musicians, jugglers etc.

And each department has its head responsible for running it. Therefore we are capable of meeting any complex needs. We are constantly working on refreshing on each of these categories.

We show great flexibility in handling the numerous special requests and challenges that occur during the production, such as, for instance, the need for little people,  amputee, traditional fighters, professional military members, etc.

Thanks to our experience and practice acquired over a great number of years, we are ready to offer service of especially high quality to our customers which
will also prove to be a vital help during the actual filming sessions.